Epidemic Sound – Catalogue d’illustration musicale libre de droits

Epidemic Sound - Soundtracking Video Online

Epidemic Sound is a music company founded in 2009 in Sweden, founded on the premise to provide an alternative and easier system to the traditional licensing of music - a system with fewer intermediaries to create benefits for those who use music and for those who create it.  

The company provides a digital music catalog with over 30,000 tracks where Epidemic Sound has acquired all the financial rights to the music. In order to create a more efficient system and reduce the number of intermediaries, neither Epidemic Sound nor the makers of the music are members of a collecting society. Epidemic Sound can therefore function as a "one stop shop" for licensing music.  

For music users, Epidemic Sound provide an affordable and easy way to use music for broad distribution worldwide. The traditional way of licensing music is complicated - involving several different parties, both different rights holders and collective management organizations, and requires multiple licenses. A fast growing content and distribution market requires an alternative to the traditional system, that easily and effectively can issue licenses for relevant rights from one party.  

Customers subscribe for unlimited use or license individual tracks. All music usage includes clearance on all platforms, worldwide, for all time. Epidemic Sound is truly royalty free music. Customers are never required to pay additional royalty fees.  

Epidemic Sound’s music is used to soundtrack films, TV shows, documentaries, commercials, and as well as background music in retail chains, restaurants and hotels.
The future of Epidemic Sound is all about riding the wave where we’re going more and more towards video online. YouTube and Facebook are platforms where Epidemic Sound is currently making great successes. During the first quarter of the year, the company doubled its presence on YouTube, and now provides hundreds of thousands of YouTube users with music for their videos. In addition to YouTube, Facebook and other digital video platforms, every company with online presence is a presumptive customer for Epidemic Sound. The aim is to dominate video online.  

The company has a global footprint with clients like Maker Studio, Fullscreen, QVC, FX, Makers Studio, Discovery Channel, ITV, Viacom, Ikea, Mercedes Benz, Absolut Company, Financial Times and many many more.  

You are welcome to visit Epidemic Sound at the Village de l’innovation of the Film & Companies festival in La Baule and learn more about us.  

Contact: Joanna Aveillan : joanna@epidemicsound.com / Maylis Pierrot : maylis@epidemicsound.fr