Le point de vue de Fredrik Edström, Directeur général délégué, Le Public Système

A découvrir l’interview de Fredrik Edström, Directeur général délégué, Le Public Système, pour Communication Magazine (Royaume-Uni) dans le cadre du festival Films and Companies :  

Do you have an international audience in mind for the festival ?
Absolutely! It is an international festival and all the communication is in English and French  

Why did you choose La Baule ?  
We wanted the best location in terms of infrastructure, accommodation and easy access. La Baule has it all, just three hours away from Paris by the high speed train, a beautiful and state of the art Convention Center, the Atlantia in walking distance from several 5 stars hotels. The best argument is maybe La Baule itself in May, the beach, the sea and the Casino.  

Are PRs making the most of video as a communications tool ?
The digital revolution has really changed, and will continue to change the game, both in terms of film making as well as distribution. Visiting this festival will give you a clear idea of the latest trends and how you can make the difference.  

What makes a really strong video campaign ? Come watching the ones selected in one of our many categories and I think you'll understand.  

Please feel free to share any brief thoughts that you have
We believe this is going to become the most important "rendez-vous" of Corporate and Institutional films, a place for inspiration, new ideas and networking. We also believe that it is crucial for any marketing and communication professional to attend, because the film media is the strongest communication media there is. The new digital formats with the possibility to stream all over the world makes it the perfect tool for any type of communication campaign or message you would like to convey.