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Corporate Film is an essential tool to meet communication challenges of companies, institutions or public entities. Indeed, as the world around us become more connected than ever, video is then the best way to communicate: by 2017, video will represent 69% of Internet content. With more than 160 customers in Europe, Authôt is becoming a convincing actor in the audiovisual world. INA, TV5 Monde, Yuzu Productions, JavaFilms, Capa TV and others already trust that 3-year-old startup!

Being Exhibitor 2016

This year the Team Authôt is pleased to be part of the Innovation Village of the International Corporate Film Festival – Film & Companies, Innovation by the image. Within this space of sharing and networking, this French startup will be proud to present its innovative solution of automatic transcription and to meet professionals of the audiovisual sector. The objective is clear: to meet all participants of the French and International corporate communication (sponsors, producers, directors, communication managers and directors, companies’, institutions’ and public entities’ audiovisual service manager) and introduce them the Authôt Application in relation to their profession.
Authôt solution is in line with the current market trends: digital content accessibility/ subtitle, translation, rushes transcription and content indexation.
With a business division in Nantes, Authôt is even more delighted to participate in the Pays de La Loire region’s devlopement. The Festival objective to create there a real coporate audiovisual “hub” matches the startup evolution trends.     

Authôt Services

The French start-up Authôt offers an online platform of automatic speech to text transcription. The innovation is based on the ease of access to a multi-speakers -without learning- voice recognition technology. Authôt application allows one to transform audio or video content into text with a reliability up to 95%. Two parameters are taken into account: the environmental noise quality and the fluency of speech.
Applications are numerous, among which post production transcription, video subtitles or caption to meet digital accessibility standards or for translation, and multimedia content indexation for a better natural referencing (SEO)!  

How does Authôt app work? ·   
- Register on the online platform : app.authot.com ·      
- Send your audio or video file (mp3, mp4, mov, wav…) you want to transcribe. ·      
- Transcription system will automatically execute. ·      
- Access to an online intuitive editor to correct and adapt your text at your convenience. ·      
- Download the transcript under the format that suits you best: docx, srt, xml…      

Offering a proofreading service, Authôt adapts to the different users’ needs. Accomplished by professional editor, work is then checked by our validation service. Authôt team also provides desired language translation for transcription and subtitles, produced by the online platform. The promise: Divide your transcription costs and deadlines by three!  

How much does it cost? Authôt offers subscription of transcription hours depending on recording hours’ volume. These prepaid hours are without time limit and pricing is regressive with the subscribed quantity. A free trial is available at registration on app.authôt.com.    

Welcome to Authôt’s world!  

Authôt gives priority to a trusty relationship providing confidentiality to its users’ files. Authôt listen needs and projects of its customers. Authôt’s commitment towards its users: increase productivity, lower costs and manage deadlines.
Thanks to efficiency, Authôt team stays on top!  

Authôt: You speak. We write.