Festival 2016

AfficheFilms & Companies is an international Festival which puts in competition corporate films and gives the opportunity for corporate communication players to meet : directors, producers, heads of communication and executives of audiovisual department of organizations, institutions or communities.
In an increasingly connected world, digital video is the best media to communicate. By 2017, videos will represent 69% of the internet usage. Moving image is an innovative means of responding to the communication issues of companies, institutions or communities (information, reputation, prescription, tutorial, interactivity, virality, data collection and exploitation).




Because the film media is a key tool for communication strategies, Films & Companies is the rendez-vous for corporate communication players :
Producers, directors, heads of communication, people in charge of corporate communication and people in charge of audiovisual in corporations, institutions or communities.

FILMS & COMPANIES, the event which is at the cutting edge of innovation in the field of corporate film.



Films & Companies is an inspiring time for sharing and brainstorming thanks to keynote speeches, workshops and roundtables on innovation and creativity in contents, communication's strategies and new networks. These meetings will be led by experts in their field and will happen throughout the festival



The Innovation Village offers the opporturnity to our partners to expose their innovative solutions. Companies and start-ups will be able to have a stand to present innovative web solutions, multi-media, technologies, services and equipment. Voir les participants



Films & Companies offers convivial meetings for festival participants throughout the festival during lunches, dinners and cocktails. Networking tools will be available in order to meet, exchange and create opportunities within the corporate film ecosystem.


Denis Hamois DirecteurThe first edition of Film & Companies Festival was sucessfull, almost 300 excellents corporate films, inspiring round table discussions and a very promising Market Place.

This year, keywords are : INSPIRATION & INNOVATION. It will be our guideline along the event.

To notice : a bigger place will be offered to International films.
This year, competition will be tough in the 11 competition categories and the awards more prestigious.

Digital is part of usual language; drones are among us, which modify our 360° view. Social networks become essential for companies, virtual is more and more reality!

Communicators, decision makers, producers and directors, to better understand and exchange on these new changes, I invite you to join us from 2016, May 17th to 19th, in Palais des Congrès Atlantia, in this beautiful seaside city La Baule.

Films & Companies is becoming an international hub for audiovisual entrepreneurship. It is also a way to have a pleasant time together in the high quality Barriere Group's establishments.

Creatives, innovators and corporate & institutional communication's actors, may the e-force be with us!

Denis Harnois
Président du festival


The Corporate Film festival of Biarritz (later renamed the National Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication Festival) is still considered to have been the key corporate film festival. The festival was created in 1969 by Michel Fois and sponsored by the CNPF (MEDEF today). Over 4 days, 3000 participants attended the conferences, visited the stands and the screening rooms where 450 audiovisual programs were in competition (35mm, 16mm films, Multi-image slideshow, and CD rom)

In 1996, Saturne Communication took over the Biarritz festival and decided in 1998 to export it to Deauville with a new label “Communica”. The festival disappeared after two years.

At the same time in the city of Creusot, a training film festival created in 1987 was making a name for itself, and once it became the only one on the scene, the Creusot Festival opened to other categories and set itself as the new corporate and institutional film festival. In 2006, it opened up to the world. The FIMAC welcomed each year 500 participants and 300 films of 10 different nationalities.

In 2009, lacking space in Creusot, it was decided to change the city, however, once more it became clear that it was not viable to relocate a festival. Since 2011, France has not had a generalist corporate film festival. In 2015, the new Corporate Film Festival “Films and Companies” takes up the challenge with undeniable assets.

picto The Ambitions

The Films and Companies festival aims to:

  • Gather national and international corporate film players during an annual and durable meeting.
  • Promote the companies and offer them media exposure at home and abroad.
  • Be a new showcase to raise the awareness of audiovisual work.
  • Value the producers and requesters by rewarding the creativity and quality of their communication.
  • Allow professionals to develop their networks, to be on the lookout for new creative trends and find new partners.
  • Foster the enterprising spirit of young filmmakers, value and encourage the innovative training projects of the companies and local governments.
  • Benefit from an international vision, compare and share know-how, learn new marketing and corporate communication approaches.

JURY 2016


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Partners 2016


Films and Companies is supported by sponsors who are convinced of the necessity of an event dedicated to institutional and corporate films.
Companies, institutions, organizations and professional associations, associate your image with the festival and support it: become an actor of this new corporate communication meeting, come to meet the actors of this ecosystem and get more visibilitiy with the communication and media professionals

Would you like to join our market place and develop your activity ?

Please contact us on partenariat@filmsandcompanies.com to imagine our future collaboration


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